Does my furnace need serviced every year?

It’s important to maintain your furnace in order to ensure it continues functioning at it’s optimum levels. Most HVAC contractors recommend a cleaning and service every other year for units newer than 10 years and annually for units older than 10 years. At roughly $150 per service, it’s cheap insurance compared to replacement costs; especially if it’s an emergency service.

The items to be inspected during an inspection varies between contractors, but there are still several items that must be checked.

  • Blower motors should be tested for amperage-draw and verified against listed rating.
  • Blower should be checked for debris, bearing life, and any other obstructions or damage.
  • Vent systems should be checked for leaks or blocks; both at the furnace as well as where it exits the home.
  • Return air vents and grill should be checked for damage, blockage, and filter if equipped.
  • Unit should be cleaned with compressed air and a vacuum.
  • Air Filter (Should be changed quarterly)

Broken water pipes in the winter can cause significant damage to your home and possessions, making sure your furnace is operating at its best will help reduce the chances of frozen plumbing. It’s also important to close the foundation vents on your home during the winter months if your home is on a crawl space, but remember to open them back up in the summer to allow for ventilation.

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