The Master Plumbing 2018 Holiday Giveaway is winding down and we would like to thank everyone that submitted nominations, those that welcomed us into their homes to make repairs, and our Master Plumbing family for making this happen.

This year we set out to help a local family in need, by providing much needed plumbing repairs to their homes at no cost to them ($2000 value). We received an overwhelming amount of submissions, but many seemed to be what we consider to be a smaller service call type repairs. Most of which needed to be addressed immediately. Much like Master Plumbing has been doing since 1948, we adapted to the needs of our customers, and rather than doing one large repair we spit the budget. By doing so we were able to make necessary repairs and improvements for 2 families this year.

We have received nominations from concerned neighbors, loved ones, doctor’s offices, teachers or schools, and directly from the members of our community that need us most. Unfortunately, we can’t get to them all but want to thank you for the thought and care that was shown by submitting a nomination. 

One of the families to receive repairs this year had been without a kitchen sink, disposal, and dishwasher for almost a year. Before they stopped using the sink altogether, the dishwasher had backed up multiple times flooding the kitchen, damaging cabinets and shelves. Our service manager determined most of the problem was caused by an aging garbage disposal that had rusted over the years and backed up. 

We completely removed all of the kitchen sink waste line, disposal and the damaged shelf. The dishwasher was tested and the disposal along with the drain assembly was replaced with new parts and checked for leaks. The mother and her daughter who live together in the home and are both undergoing treatment for cancer, were apprehensive in the beginning to allow us to help. Luckily they came around and we were able to fit them in just before Christmas. 

Our other recipient initially thought they had a much larger problem with their kitchen sink, but after a thorough inspection it turned out to be the faucet had failed. We replaced the faucet,  tested the drain, supply line/valves, and disposal to confirm there were no other issues.