More than 99 percent of homes in America have plumbing facilities.

Yet, most homeowners are still unaware of the most common plumbing issues. And that’s why these people struggle with small plumbing issues, as they don’t know how to fix them. Besides, most of them have no idea how to enhance the efficiency of their homes’ plumbing systems.

So, what can you do to overcome these home living challenges?

To help you out, here are eight common plumbing issues and how to deal with them.

1. Low Water Pressure

Most Americans often struggle with low water pressure in their homes. Due to this problem, it takes them forever to shower or clean the dishes. Most homeowners tend to ignore this problem and hope it’ll go away on its own.

Unfortunately, the low water pressure won’t fix itself, and it’s often a sign of a major plumbing issue. Leaks and closed water values are some of the causes of reduced water pressure. Besides, corrosion on your pipes can also cause low water pressure.

So, if you’re experiencing low water pressure in your home, start by checking for closed valves. If you don’t find the problem yourself, reach out to a professional local plumbing company.

2. Water Heater Problems

If you’re like most other Americans, you hate taking cold showers, and that’s why you’ve invested in a water heater. Sadly, the water heater doesn’t warn when it will malfunction. So you may wake up one morning only to find there’s no hot water in your house.

When this happens, it’s tempting to fix the water heater yourself. However, without the right expertise, you may end up causing more damage to your water heater. That’s why it’s wise to call a plumbing specialist to fix your water heater.

3. Leaking Water Pipes

The other common plumbing issue homeowners face is leaking water pipes. In some instances, it is hard to detect pipe leakages until it’s too late. By then, the leaking pipes have caused extensive damage to your home.

Learn early signs of water leakages such as low water pressure to mitigate these risks. Besides, whether the need for a regular home plumbing inspection. You want experts to carry out several tests that help you detect leaking pipes early on.

Besides, look for plumbers who’ll guide you on how to prevent water leakages in your home.

4. Clogged or Slow Drains

Clogged or slow drains are a common plumbing issue that homeowners tend to downplay. The reason is that it’s easy to spot this problem and fix it yourself. So, you feel there’s no need to hire a plumber for the clogged or slow drains.

And although you can fix this problem, it’s wise to know when to call a plumber. So, if the clogged drain problem keeps recurring, professional help is needed. The reason is that it may be a sign of a more severe plumbing issue.

Besides, it’s a nightmare having to unclog your drain frequently in a week. So, to get a lasting solution, look for the top plumbing company that offers drain unclogging and cleaning services.

5. Dripping Faucet

As a homeowner, it’s easy to downplay a faucet that leaks a drop of water per second. You argue that this water wastage is negligible and doesn’t have any impact on your water bill. Unfortunately, you’re mistaken as this faucet drip leads to a water wastage of 3,000 gallons per year.

That’s enough water for 180+ showers. So, if you have a dripping faucet, you need to take action immediately. Reach out to a professional plumber to help you fix this problem.

The plumber will advise you on how to repair the dripping faucet and may recommend replacing it.

6. Jammed Garbage Disposal

Almost every household in America has a garbage disposal under the kitchen sink. With time it’s common for the garbage disposal to get jammed. When this happens, try to reset the button to see if this unjams the disposal.

If this doesn’t work, consider opening up the garbage disposal to free up the motor. However, if you’re doubtful about your skills, consider seeking professional help. Find a plumber who’ll unjam your garbage disposal.

Besides, look for an expert who educates on how to use the garbage disposal to prevent jamming properly.

7. Backflow Issues

Low water pressure in your home can lead to backflow problems. When this happens, it causes water contamination in your home. So, there’s a high risk of drinking contaminated water, which leads to various health issues.

To mitigate this risk, frequently test your home’s water pressure. Besides, if you suspect a backflow problem, quickly reach out to a professional plumbing services company. You want to find reliable experts who’ll fix this problem fast.

Besides, you want to get professional guidance on the common causes of backflow and how to avoid them.

8. Running Toilets

The other plumbing issue many homeowners face is a running toilet. If you do nothing about this problem, it’ll lead to a huge water bill. So, hiring a plumber to help you fix this problem is a sound strategy.

You want to get a timely solution for a running toilet, thereby minimizing water wastage and your utility bill.

Get a Reliable Solution for Common Plumbing Issues

To enhance your home living, you must learn how to handle common plumbing issues. The idea is to know the causes of low water pressure and how to fix it. Also, you need to get timely water heater repair services to enjoy hot showers in your homes.

Besides, it’s wise to hire a professional plumbing services firm to help you fix the above issues.

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