What Makes Us The Best Local Plumber?

Like with any big decision… and plumbing can be a biggie. You want to make the right choice on a local plumber. It’s even better to make the right choice the first time, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. 

So, when considering a plumber to replace the leaky faucet that “someone” hasn’t gotten to yet here are some reasons to choose Master Plumbing. 

Plumbing Service really doesn’t need to be a dirty job, and when done correctly it shouldn’t be. That’s why Every Local Plumber and Technician is dressed in a clean Master Plumbing Uniform, we believe this is important in Providing the Overall Quality of Service we deliver. A quality service should resonate quality throughout the entire project.

Our Local Plumbing Dispatch Center in Meridian, ID will dispatch the plumber closest to you or an available technician from one of our local plumbing service centers. We have locations throughout Southern Idaho and now into portions of Oregon as well. With each location our desire has been to provide the same quality service we started, our Master Quality.

Free On-Site Local Plumbing Quotes

How are we going to determine an accurate cost or timeline to replace or repair an issue without a proper diagnosis?

We’ll send out a Plumber for Free!

During Normal Business Hours our plumbers are dispatched to provide an on-site inspection and quote to complete the repairs. (Emergency Services are Subject to After Hours Fees) With a Qualified Plumber at your location to assess the situation, we are able to provide an accurate up front cost to complete the repairs and restore your plumbing problems.

Free On Site Plumbing Estimates

Not all Plumbing Problems are Emergencies or result in water ruining the brand new hardwood. Maybe you just want to add a Water Softener or Replace the Water Heater that was in the house when you bought it 20 years ago. We still come out for free. In order to properly evaluate the plumbing challenge and provide and honest estimate requires a thorough survey of the situation. From Start to Finish we handle your service with the Master Process.

Fully Stocked Plumbing and Drain Service Trucks

Each of our plumbing trucks are fully stocked with the essential plumbing parts and materials. Once approval is given on a work order the technician is prepared to complete the work. Our Plumbing or Drain-Tech Trucks are a vital part of our ability to provide reliable plumbing service throughout Southern Idaho. Due to this importance, we take the maintenance, service, and inventory very seriously at Master Companies. You can always count on us to arrive on time and ready to work with Master Preparation.

We Handle Plumbing Challenges of All Sizes

Master Plumbing started in 1948 with our Drain and Rooter Service, and we’ve been at it ever since. Building on our experience we now handle everything from a clogged toilet to a complete septic system replacement. We’ve definitely grown since our humble beginnings as a small local plumber. However, we still focus on the Honest, Ethical, Service that Master Plumbing was built on. Currently, we have additional departments Excavation Service and Pumping Service to service our clients and manage projects with Master Efficiency.

Service Plumbing Is What
We Do

There is a difference between installing the plumbing in a new construction project and repairing a plumbing failure. The bigger difference lies in repairing fixtures that have failed or need parts replaced. A plumber who does new construction all day every day; don’t fix plumbing issues. Which means they don’t fix toilets they install toilets and they don’t fix faucets they install them.  Furthermore, A lot of the companies across the valley focus on new construction and rough-ins by the dozen. With all of the building and developments across the Treasure Valley there is a lot of volume. We don’t focus on new construction, We fix plumbing and do plumbing service. Master Plumbing is the Service Plumber of Choice from Twin Falls,ID to Ontario, OR with our central dispatch still located in Meridian, ID. Call today if you need plumbing repairs or just need to add a water softener and you prefer Master Service.

Let’s Get Started!