Certified Installation Services for BioMicrobics® Systems

Master Rooter Plumbing has partnered with BioMicrobics® a proven leader in wastewater management systems. The FAST® System can be added to your existing septic system or included in the initial installation of your new septic system. Your Traditional Septic System efficiency can be improved or corrected with the addition of FAST Technology. Ensuring your Septic system functions at peak performance is a responsibility that should never be taken lightly. Raw sewage and untreated waste is an environmental and health hazard that demands your attention. However, with Master Rooter Plumbing and BioMicrobics you can rest assured that you’re utilizing the latest technology and procedures available.

Certified Maintenance Provider for BioMicrobics® Systems

Much like the installation of your septic system or the FAST System, maintenance should only be done by a qualified technician. Master Rooter Plumbing is Southern Idaho’s top pick for the required annual inspections and maintenance. If your home is outfitted with a BioMicrobics ETPS, we are your Maintenance Provider for FAST Aerobic Treatment Units and other BioMicrobics Products.

Aerobic Treatment Units are mechanical treatment devices known as Extended Treatment Package Systems, or an ETPS. There are situations where an ETPS is required due to certain features or conditions. For instance, some homes along the Boise River; especially many of those in Eagle, Garden City, and portions of Middleton among others are considered below the flood plain. These homes due to a shallow ground water depth or others with a very coarse grained soil or shallow soil depths may require enhanced treatment of effluent. Master Rooter Plumbing is the Local Expert for Installation, Maintenance and Annual Inspections of ETPS.

For inspections, routine maintenance, and any necessary repair of an Extended Treatment Package System; contact Master Rooter Plumbing. Our Journeyman Plumbers and Technicians are certified by BioMicrobics and their Subsidiaries to perform Installation, inspections, routine maintenance, and evaluation of sites.

Mini-aerobic treatment units or Extended Treatment Packages Systems referred to as an ETPS are monitored by The Department of Environmental Quality. An important part of the Septic System Permit and Installation of an ETPS unit in Idaho is (IDAPA 58.01.03). IDAPA 58.01.03 is The Department of Environmental Quality’s Individual/Subsurface Sewage Disposal Rules. Among the most important conditions of obtaining a subsurface sewage disposal permit; are Idaho requires strict minimums of one Maintenance Event and Operation takes place for each ETPS unit annually. It is the property owners’ responsibility to ensure an ETPS remains compliant and capable.

How Does the FAST® System Work?

Naturally occurring bacteria; known as biomass is used to treat the raw sewage for dispersal or reuse. BioMicrobics has perfected a process consisting of a blower, which provides air to the system and creates an air lift. This lift mixes oxygen and waste throughout the media, where bacteria is actively growing and digests the waste. Finally, any harmless vapors are expelled through the vent pipe, solid waste will collect in the tank for periodic removal, and treated water will be dispersed via the drain-field. The FAST technology delivers an enhanced level of treatment, and is available in multiple systems to accommodate the demands of consumers.

FAST® Septic System Enhancement

For an advanced on-site waste water treatment system, look no further than Master Rooter Plumbing and the FAST System. Using IFAS®, Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge Treatment Process along with SFR® Sequencing Fixed Reactor, we can provide significant improvements in effluent quality. The FAST System can provide benefits and value to anyone with a septic system and especially for those preparing a site for installation. Master Rooter Plumbing can conduct a thorough inspection of your home and it’s septic system to determine the best fit for your situation.

Water Conservation Starts at Home

Master Rooter Plumbing’s installation of the FAST System in your home will greatly reduce Total Suspended Solids and will lessen the impact of any potentially harmful bacteria or viruses. The system is available in easily scaled and pre-engineered packages to accommodate everything from single family homes to small municipalities. BioMicrobics along with their subsidiaries Scienco/FAST and SeptiTech provides more than 30 technologies for the treatment and conservation of water.

RetroFAST Enhances or Repairs an Existing Biologically Failed System

RetroFast® and MicroFAST® are Internationally Certified and Proven solutions for an onsite “Green Technology” wastewater treatment and recycling plant. Master Rooter Plumbing is proud to be Certified and Licensed to inspect, install, and service BioMicrobics® products.

Save My Septic System

The RetroFAST® System from Bio Microbics designed for existing septic tanks is a simple, retrofitted system that integrates within your conventional septic tank to ensure a clean environment for future generations. The FAST® System will drastically improve the nitrification and denitrification performance in comparison to a traditional system. The RetroFAST can also be used to renovate a Failed Septic System. Take a look at the S.O.S. Warranty Program from Bio Microbic.