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Hydro-Excavation Services

Master Plumbing specializes in hydro-excavation. Using high water pressure and vacuum facilitates safe digging. Also referred to as soft digging, hydrovac, hydro trenching, safe digging, non destructive digging, potholing, daylighting, and vacuum excavation, the procedure is ideal for excavating energized utility lines and problematic main supply lines. The process of hydro-excavation is non-destructive and ideal for numerous difficult challenges.


Trenching involves digging long and relatively shallow holes to bury equipment. This method is used to install equipment like gas lines, pipes, data lines, and phone lines. It can also locate underground utilities.

Debris Removal

Hydro-excavation can be used to clear areas by removing debris, dust, and other materials. It’s also commonly used to clean up after construction work on streets, drainage areas, and manholes.


Hydro-excavation can be used to uncover underground utilities to perform maintenance or upgrades. This allows you to check horizontal and vertical positioning of utilities and to check for any damage such as root punctures or cracks.


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