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BioMicrobics® & FAST® Services

Master Plumbing has partnered with BioMicrobics® a proven leader in wastewater management systems. The FAST® System can be added to your existing septic system or included in the initial installation of your new septic system. Your Traditional Septic System efficiency can be improved or corrected with the addition of FAST Technology. Ensuring your Septic system functions at peak performance is a responsibility that should never be taken lightly. Raw sewage and untreated waste is an environmental and health hazard that demands your attention. However, with Master Plumbing and BioMicrobics you can rest assured that you’re utilizing the latest technology and procedures available.

How it works

Water Conservation Starts at Home

Master Plumbing’s installation of the FAST System in your home will greatly reduce Total Suspended Solids and will lessen the impact of any potentially harmful bacteria or viruses. The system is available in easily scaled and pre-engineered packages to accommodate everything from single family homes to small municipalities.

Repairs an Existing Biologically Failed System

RetroFast® and MicroFAST® are Internationally Certified and Proven solutions for an onsite “Green Technology” wastewater treatment and recycling plant. Master Plumbing is proud to be Certified and Licensed to inspect, install, and service BioMicrobics® products.

Save My Septic System

The RetroFAST® System from Bio Microbics designed for existing septic tanks is a simple, retrofitted system that integrates within your conventional septic tank to ensure a clean environment for future generations. The FAST® System will drastically improve the nitrification and denitrification performance in comparison to a traditional system.


We believe it is important to support organizations and companies working to make a positive impact in our industry and community. We pride ourselves on using the best products, from proven vendors, and reputable practices to grow as a business focused on providing premium service. The Honest and Ethical Service that we provide wouldn’t be possible without the Industry Partners and Client Relationships we’ve been fostering across Southern Idaho, since 1948.

Thank you for being a part of our growth and trusting Master Plumbing with your plumbing challenges.

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