From Power Clean, Inc

I just wanted to thank you and especially Walter for the help and hard work with the Tuff Shed job!! It’s not very often I work with a “sub” that is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and done right, even when it means going above and beyond what their “getting paid to do.” Walter was outstanding, he was early, told me right away he was there to help, and never stopped moving once we started. Please let him know we greatly appreciate his hard work, and we look forward to working with you guys in the future! P.S. Bring a bigger squeegee next time!!! HAHA

Thanks So Much,
Mike Ackerman
Operations Manager

From Some of our Valued Commercial Customers

See a VIDEO clip of what some of our commercial customers say about us including: why they use us, why they’ve left us and come back, why they trust Master Rooter to take care of all maintenance for their businesses.

From Ruth Jordle

Dear Master Rooter Gang,

Thanks so much for spending time with us last week! I was very impressed with each of you and the positive Master Rooter image you all portray. All of us in the NSC are proud to have you “guys” as partners! We look forward to a flourishing relationship!

Ruth Jordle

From Meridian School District

As Maintenance Supervisor for the Meridian School District, I am pleased to recommend Lance Rackham, Master Rooter Plumbing, to anyone considering using their expertise. We have worked with Master Rooter for the last 4 1/2 years and have been extremely pleased with their on-time, professional work ethic.

I feel anyone contracting with Master Rooter will be making a positive decision for their company.

Don Lowman
Maintenance Supervisor

From Marji in Boise

We needed our toilet replaced, so we called Master Rooter. We were so impressed by their service tech, Jim who came to install the new toilet. He was definitely family-friendly and a great pleasure to have in our home. Strangers, especially service techs, can quickly make you feel uncomfortable if they look like ex-cons or incompetent workers. Thankfully, Jim was professional and made us feel comfortable with him working in our home, and he gave us confidence that Master Rooter knows how to hire competent, personable service techs. Thanks, Jim and Master Rooter for making our experience with you a pleasure! We will be recommending you to our friends and family.

From Lareina in Boise

I called Master Rooter at 12 PM to fix our hot water heater that died. You don’t know how dependent you are on hot water until it’s gone! Someone was at our house in 45 min, and within 2 hours, we had a brand new hot water heater. The next morning we woke up to a minor flood by the water heater. Master Rooter came out right away and found out it was our water softener that overflowed, which sits next to the hot water heater. Although no one was sure why or if it was related directly to the hot water heater installation, Master Rooter paid for the clean-up. I would recommend Master Rooter to anyone.

From Mike in Boise

Our renters moved out and we were cleaning up the house for the new renters coming in two days. We noticed the bathroom sink was chipped so I went to a resale store and bought a new one. When trying to replace it, I broke the pvc pipe connecting to the galvanized drain. I was out of my league. I called Master Rooter and the plumber arrived in 30 minutes. I expected someone to come out the next day, if I was lucky. He not only fixed the connection, he also snaked the drain that was pretty clogged up. Thanks Master Rooter!