If you ask someone what a plumber does, their first answer will probably be one of these; fix a plugged toilet, patch a leak, unclog a drain.   But an expert plumber does so much more.  Plumbers need to know about water science, and how to troubleshoot common plumbing issues.  Additionally, a good plumber will have excellent customer service skills.  

It is important to pick a well-trained professional to do your plumbing, otherwise you might get sub-optimal results and your property might possibly be damaged.

Principles of plumbing systems including basic design

Basically this means a plumber knows how plumbing works.  Knowing the science and best practices of how water works in pipes, is the most important thing a plumber can know.  For instance, drains work because the pull of gravity causes flows down.   Additionally, knowledge of water pressure can help a plumber diagnose and troubleshoot problems with showers and fixtures.  Looked at from the perspective of water pressure, leaks are simply water going from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure. These principles affect the function of sinks, clothes-washers, pipes, fixtures, toilets, showers, and drains. To repeat, plumbers need to be knowledgeable about anywhere water goes in your home.

Service and maintain system components

This is where the plumber actually performs plumbing work.  This is where toilet plunging we mentioned earlier happens.  This is where cleaning the drain happens.  A skilled plumber relies on their knowledge of the principles of plumbing to troubleshoot and repair your sinks, drains, showers, sewer lines etc.  Additionally, your plumber needs to know how to find and read documentation for the components connected to your water lines.  For instance, your plumber might look to your dishwasher’s reference to find valves or filters to clean.

Protect the customer’s property

Hiring someone to work on the sensitive internal parts of your house involves placing a lot of trust on the plumber.  Many things can be damaged by poor plumbing work and that damage can be costly.  While water damage might possibly be covered by insurance, it still can still destroy irreplaceable customer items.  Water can floors, rugs, foundations and electronics.  You want your plumber to have safe guarding your property in their mindset.

Agree a schedule of work with the customer or client

As a customer you want convenient service at a time that works for you.  It’s aggravating when the cable repair guy doesn’t show up when he is supposed to.  Timeliness is a big pain point for customers.  Poor scheduling can lead customers to seek other plumbers.  Scheduling requires a plumber to know a customer’s needs and thoroughly plan out the job.  Further, the plumber needs to estimate long each part of the project will take to establish expectations.

Provide cost estimate

There is almost nothing  more infuriating than getting charged for something you didn’t agree to.  Plumbers need to communicate costs so you can be empowered to make the right decision for your situation.  Again the plumber needs to plan out the job, to know how time it will take, how much that time will cost, and how expensive parts will be.  By providing a cost estimate, your plumber will help you understand what to expect. 

Remember Plumbing isn’t simply fixing toilets.   It is about convenience, customer service and providing quality solutions to plumbing needs.   Make sure you get the right person for the job.  A qualified service professional, who knows the ins and the outs of the plumbing industry.

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Dianna SampsonDianna Sampson
19:06 18 Jul 24
Jon was fantastic from the start. He was nice, he was considerate, he was knowledgeable, and he was thorough. Jon went the extra mile on describing the issue with the original problem child toilet, he checked the other two in the house and got everything up to a reliable working status. Please tell Jon’s boss to give him a well deserved raise, or at least an award 😁😁😁. Thanks you guys, I will put you to use again, just not for a while (hopefully).
Michelle N.Michelle N.
20:58 17 Jul 24
Troy from Master Plumbing did an excellent job. He arrived on time and finished quickly. Master Plumbing was the only business that would come to our home. There were tree roots in our septic tank. Troy cleaned the roots out and disposed of them. He also left extra septic treatment to prevent future root problems. The price was reasonable, especially considering the extra work that was required and our location. I highly recommend Master Plumbing, and intend to request Troy to complete the service.
Marilyn EklundMarilyn Eklund
18:35 17 Jul 24
Frank did an excellent and efficient job of taking care of our septic tank pumping and the issue with tree roots that had gotten in. Appreciate the company being able to have him come up the following day of my call. Thank you for the promptness and excellent service!
Mindee SedlacekMindee Sedlacek
17:54 17 Jul 24