The holidays are all about gathering with our loved ones, and whether those celebrations are big or small, loud or quiet, short or long, there’s bound to be one thing that connects them all: The bathroom.

At some point, everyone will use it, and sometimes, it doesn’t quite go as planned. Avoid awkward interactions at the family restroom with this go-to guide for holiday bathroom etiquette.

Be a Considerate Guest

  • When Entering and Exiting: When nature calls, excuse yourself at the appropriate time. (Hint: The middle of the before-dinner prayer is not the time.) Be discrete, and don’t assume or go looking for the restroom, unless you’re a frequent guest. Instead, ask your host where you can find the restroom. After all, there’s a good chance they don’t want you peeking into other rooms or using their own personal restroom.

    Always knock before walking into the bathroom to avoid awkward “oops, so sorry!” incidents. Before you leave, hang hand towels back up, put the seat and lid down, and consider spritzing the air with any fresheners your host may have set out for guests. 
  • Once Inside: Do your business, but don’t linger. Scrolling through your phone in the restroom can be incredibly rude to your host and other guests who may be anxiously waiting. (Also, it’s gross. Experts have found there to be at least 25,000 living bacteria on your phone at any given time!)

    As you go, be mindful not to flush anything that could damage your host’s pipes or plumbing. Don’t flush sanitary products, diapers, or anything else that you wouldn’t want down your own drains. Warn kids who have a habit of flushing anything down the drain, too.  
  • Staying Overnight: If you choose to celebrate a little longer, there are a few bathroom courtesies to keep in mind. Keep your toiletries in your room and off the bathroom counter when not in use. (Keep your shampoo, conditioner, and soap in the shower, as these items can easily be tucked away and may be wet from use.) Be mindful of how much water you use, and don’t leave your wet towels on the floor.

    And remember, just as you don’t want to go rooting around for the bathroom when you arrive, don’t go searching in the cabinets, unless you have the go-ahead. Ask your hosts for extra towels, toilet paper, or toiletries, if you need them.

Be The Hostess With The Mostest

  • Keep It Clean: Look, we all have some grime in our bathrooms, but that’s our grime. It’s a whole different story when you have to use a dirty bathroom that isn’t yours. Keep your bathroom space tidy for guests, and leave out a few items your guests can use to spruce up the place if necessary. Leave out air fresheners, extra towels, a plunger, and extra soaps to help guests who need to do “damage control” before leaving the restroom.  
  • Make It Obvious: Be courteous to guests who have never visited your home and direct them to your restroom when necessary. Just like with cleanliness, keep extra towels, toilet paper, and necessary hygiene products in obvious spaces. For example, if you have a number of families with babies, a basket with extra diapers and changing necessities in your guest bathroom offers a personal touch!  
  • Be Sensitive: As the host, your guests will come to you should an issue arise. Be discrete with how you handle the situation, and don’t shame anyone for clogging your toilet or for needing an extra roll of toilet paper. Simply help them out, and move on.

Call Your Plumbing Experts

If you need to ensure your plumbing system can handle your relatives, or if holiday celebrations put your home’s pipes to the test, call your Master Rooter team. After three generations in the business, we’re masters in family and plumbing.

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Christy PateChristy Pate
19:53 17 Apr 24
Hunter was amazing! He was friendly, efficient and did a great job replacing my kitchen faucet and fixing a leak underneath. Will definitely use them again.
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16:59 17 Apr 24
We had a water line shut-off valve burst. Jim came in, assessed the situation, replaced some parts, and even helped with the dishwasher hose. But what stood out the most was his kindness and personable nature. If I ever need plumbing services again, Jim's the one I'm calling.
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Cliff was super great really nice guy and a life saver. Cleared a giant rock some kids had placed in our sewer clean out. They told us 1pm to 3pm but he called and was able to come in early
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16:06 16 Apr 24
You can tell Travis enjoys his job because he was humming and singing while working. He went above and beyond my expectations. I wouldn't hesitate to call him for any future needs.