Household leaks can lose 180 gallons per week for the average family. That’s equal to the amount of water required to wash 300 loads of laundry. The moment you hear it, your stomach drops. The pitter-patter emerging from the kitchen faucet in the middle of the night can only imply one thing: you’ve got a leak. On rare occasions, a five-minute tune-up is all that is required to resolve a plumbing problem. Even so, in most cases, you’ll need to hire a local plumber.

Attempting to solve the problem on your own could make it worse. If you don’t understand what you’re doing, a small trickle of water beneath your bathroom sink can escalate quickly to a Niagara Falls-level disaster.

Here are 12 signs that it’s time to call the 24 hour plumber near me.

1. Water Leaks and High Water Bills

Not all water leaks are plumbing emergencies. But, the instant you observe some signs of extensive leakage, call an emergency plumbing expert right away.

Emergency services are the best for such cases since extensive water leakages can affect the integrity of your home. Ignored leaking water will encourage mildew and mold growth and result in serious health issues for you and your loved ones.

Since there’re several causes for water leaks, call professionals to identify the source and have it repaired.

If your water bills, based on your household water usage, seem much higher than they should be, it’s an indication there is a hidden leak. If you can’t spot the leaks, check for mold growth in dark areas or peeling paint on the walls.

2. Sagging Ceiling and Water Stains

In case of water leakage on the ceiling, the discoloration will come with sagging ceilings. This is usually a serious issue that requires attention quickly. Failing to solve it can make the roof collapse.

Ignoring the sagging ceilings will get messier and more expensive.

Besides, water stains on the ceiling appear after the leakage has occurred for some time. This means water has already soaked the ceiling. To prevent extensive damages and maintain the value of your home, call for an emergency plumber right away.

3. Low Water Pressure

Having damaged water pipes results in low water pressure. If you’re experiencing this in more than one faucet, have your pipes checked by a professional.

At times, a clogged aerator affects the pressure of the water. If it’s only one of the aerators with the issue, it should affect one sink, and in such a case, you can try cleaning it and try to unclog it.

If all the aerators are affected, seek assistance from professionals since they have the tools and knowledge to repair it.

4. Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a major plumbing problem that occurs during the winter months. This leads to your pipes cracking or bursting, which can be an expensive problem to fix.

To identify frozen pipes early, look out for frost on the pipes. If you notice frozen pipes, call professionals, and they’ll give you steps on how to protect your pipes before they freeze.

Burst or damaged pipes can cause flooding if ignored. Flooding in your house is always bad news because it can damage the property structure.

A single burst pipe releases gallons of water within a short time. This can weaken the walls, ceiling, furniture, and flooring, a massive blow to your family’s finances.

Don’t try to solve the problem by yourself in such a case. The damage might only get worse.

Instead, shut off the main water supply. Try to save your belongings to prevent further water damage, then contact the best plumber in town for assistance.

5. Clogged Drains

Clogging is inevitable, but even so, you should try to prevent it. Paper towels, wipes, and hair in the pipes clog the system.

Some causes of clogged pipes, such as tree roots, aren’t easily preventable. To be safe from this, frequently work with a Boise drain technician to identify any growing roots in the pipes early.

Some signs of clogged drains are bubbling water, slow drainage, and puddles of water. Call a drain cleaner near me if you notice any of these because they might be due to more serious issues.

6. Overflowing and Clogged Toilet

An overflowing toilet can be due to a damaged float mechanism or clogged pipes. To temporarily fix the issue, turn off the water.

To turn off the water, try the plunger and if it fails, call for emergency help as you turn off the water at the main supply.

A clogged toilet, when ignored, immediately becomes a disaster. You could have a blocked sewer line once you notice your fixtures and toilets clogging and backing up together.

To avoid such extreme cases, be on the lookout for any foul smell coming from the drain in the kitchen or bathroom.

7. Water Discoloration

Water suddenly changing color indicates contamination in your pipes. If this happens, don’t drink water from your pipes and call an expert as soon as possible.

Iron leakage or copper corrosion are some minor causes of water discoloration, while sewage leaking into your water supply is the main but dangerous cause. To prevent health problems, call professionals and have them assess the cause of water discoloration.

8. Noises From the Pipes

Noises coming from pipes in your home, but you can’t identify the cause might be a sign of a plumbing issue. Gurgling sounds indicate a drainage problem in your pipes. Rattling noises are a sign of something more serious taking place in the pipes.

Water pressure issues make water hammer, and rattling could signify that your pipes aren’t properly secured. Both of these issues could cause a burst pipe in the long run.

Running water noise when you’re not using water and haven’t recently flashed your toilet is another plumbing issue you should be keen to check.

9. Backed-Up Sewage

Backed-up sewage is another sign that it’s time to call septic pumping near me. To identify it early, rely on your sense of smell. Any time the sewer line backs up, your whole property will smell like sewage.

Water coming up the kitchen sink when you flush your toilet or a water pool forming as you take your shower are other signs that your sewage is backing up.

Backed-up sewage is an emergency. This is because it releases air-borne contaminants, resulting in severe fever, vomiting, and gastroenteritis.

10. Lack of Water

No one wants to wake up and find that they don’t have water. If it happens to you, it’s an indication there’s an extreme issue with the pipes.

Be sure you’re not having issues with your water system, and be up to date with your community and local news. If the cause of the issue is at the main supply, your county government has probably announced it, and they’ll take care of it.

Call a Boise, Idaho plumber if it’s only your house lacking water because you could be having issues with your pipes. Frozen, burst, and clogged water pipes are the main reasons you do not have water.

If you are not getting any water in any part of the house, the main sewer line probably has some issues.

11. Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets first appear to be a minor issue. Days pass before you realize it, and the dripping becomes more frequent.

If one of your faucets starts dripping, it could be coming from a crack in one of the pipes, but that’s not always the case. To be certain, call an expert to diagnose the problem.

Professionals will determine the cause of the drips and have them repaired.

12. Leaking Water Heater

A leaking water heater should be immediately attended to because, if ignored, it may cause property damage in the basement. Never attempt to repair it yourself, as you risk getting injured or burned.

The issue should be fixed by certified professionals in water heater repair near me. Electrical issues and plumbing problems are the main causes of a malfunctioning water heater.

Call a Local Plumber

There are a million thoughts crossing your mind when dealing with a plumbing emergency. One of them shouldn’t be figuring out the local plumber to call for assistance.

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