We all know that our plumbing is full of things that we don’t really want to think about. But did you know that plumbers often find some pretty interesting things in people’s pipes? From kids’ toys to jewelry, there are all sorts of things that can end up in your plumbing. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the funniest items found by plumbers. Who knows, maybe you’ll even recognize some of these items!

A plumber found a live snake in a toilet

Plumbing can be funny in some cases, especially when it comes to the surprise living creatures found lurking in toilets! When this brave plumber got called to investigate an overflow issue in a bathroom, he made a funny discovery – a live snake happily swimming around inside the toilet! This funny incident reminded us that no matter what plumbing task you’re dealing with, you should always be prepared for the unexpected.

Another plumber found a toy car in the pipes

Working as a plumber can be amusing sometimes! Just recently, another of our team found something funny during a plumbing job: an old toy car wedged deep in the pipes. After it was pulled out, everyone had a good laugh; we know that the toy must have been there for quite some time, hidden from the light until our plumbing services located it again. Although funny moments like this one are rare, it’s still amusing to think about all the funny situations your local plumbers might encounter during their daily jobs.

One plumber even found a set of keys!

Any plumber is used to a funny surprise once in a while, but this one really takes the cake! One wily and resourceful plumber going about his normal business of fixing an issue at a customer’s home found something particularly unique – a set of keys. This funny plumbing episode provided some much needed comic relief from the oftentimes difficult and laborious job of being a professional plumber. Fortunately for all except the absentminded former key-owner, these funny plumbing experiences don’t happen very often.

While these items are funny, they can actually cause serious damage to your plumbing

From funny plastic objects that somehow seem to make their way into our drain pipes, to various other items with funny shapes, funny plumbing items really do exist. And while they may seem funny and entertaining, the truth is that these funny items can actually cause serious damage to your plumbing system. With the funny object lodged in your drains causing a blockage, you may find yourself needing an expensive repair job if it isn’t removed soon enough. It’s best to err on the side of caution and never put anything funny or strange down your sinks!

Be careful what you flush down the toilet – only human waste and toilet paper should go down the drain!

Chances are, at some point in your life you’ve heard funny stories of plumbing disasters due to flushing items that don’t belong down the toilet. While it may be funny when you hear about someone else’s misfortune, this kind of mistake can actually cause a lot of problems with your own plumbing and lead to costly repairs! Just remember: the only things that should go down the toilet are human waste and plain, white toilet paper. Keep your funny plumbing stories funny by not making them come true!

So there you have it — plumbing fails that could result in an onslaught of serious damage if not taken care the right way. While these stories may make you chuckle, be mindful of what gets flushed down your toilet – anything else can cause real tragedy and could cost you a pretty penny. So take note — remember that only human waste and toilet paper should go down the drain! Nothing else — no matter how intriguing or amusing they may seem at first glance — should ever be sent down the pipes. If you’d like to further ensure safety regarding your plumbing, don’t hesitate to call Master Plumbing today for an inspection. We offer professional services designed to help keep your plumbing running smoothly with minimal problems! Don’t let funny plumbing fails ruin your pipes; contact Master Plumbing today for a safe and reliable service you won’t regret!

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