New! Extended Coverage With Every Water Heater Installed*

In the event that a water heater supplied by Master Rooter Plumbing, under the terms of our extended warranty, needs to be replaced, we’ll install a new water heater of equal type, size and value when available, at no cost to you!

*The extended warranty covers water heaters installed on or after 3/01/17, in a home owned and lived in by the original purchaser. Call 208-955-8533 for details.


1. Are there any important highlights I need to be aware of on the Residential Water Heater Extended Warranty?
Yes. We do encourage you to read the extended warranty in it’s entirety. You will notice that it is not very long or complicated. That’s because we wanted it to be a simple process for our customers.

2. How do I qualify for the Master Plumbing Water Heater Extended Warranty?
If you own, and live, in the home where the water heater we supply is being installed, you qualify.

3. Can I get the extended warranty on my rental homes?
No. At this time we only offer our Master Plumbing Water Heater Extended Warranty to homeowners who live in the home where the water heater is being installed. We do offer a Service Agreement that has money saving options for rental homes.

4. Is it cheaper if I don’t get the extended warranty?
No. The extended warranty is included with every Master Plumbing supplied water heater installation in an owner occupied home at no additional cost.

5. Do I have to get a permit to replace my water heater?
Yes. State and local agencies have codes that require plumbing permits for all water heater installations. We will complete all necessary steps to obtain the proper permit needed for your water heater installation. The cost of the permit varies by location and is excluded from this extended warranty.

6. In the case of an extended warranty event, besides the permit, will there be other costs?
Maybe. If there have been changes to the State or local building statues, other upgrades may be necessary at an additional cost. Sometimes related components such as the expansion tank, piping or fixtures attached to the water heater and the CO2 sensors in the home need upgraded when replacing a water heater and are not covered under the extended water heater warranty.

7. Is there anything that could void my extended warranty?
Yes. Be sure to read the Extended Warranty Certificate in its entirety to familiarize yourself with the terms of the extended warranty and what is necessary to maintain the extended warranty.

8. Will I need to pay for the annual inspection?
No. The annual inspection is included with the original purchase. You only need to make yourself available once a year for us to come and inspect your water heater. At the same time, we will check under your sinks, inspect toilets, angle stops, and hose bibs for signs of leakage or problems.

9. If I sell my home, is the extended warranty transferrable to the new owner?
No. We only warranty the water heater for the original purchasing homeowner for as long as they own and live in their home.

10. Can I get extended warranty service in the evenings or on the weekends?
Yes. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, if you are having an issue with your water heater, be sure to call us as soon as you are aware of any problem. Weekend calls increase your risk of having to wait an entire weekend for service based on parts availability. While we work efficiently to keep most anticipated parts available on the weekends, we use parts that are generally not found at local big box stores, and professional distribution warehouses are typically not open on the weekends. We only use parts that will provide you with the quality you deserve as a homeowner. In the event that the problem you are experiencing is not due to the water heater and/or is not related to this extended warranty, additional charges will apply for service completed after regular business hours.

11. Can I get an extended warranty if I buy the water heater elsewhere and Master Plumbing installs it for me?
No. We can offer our extended warranty for product we supply for our customers. We currently install Bradford White water heaters in conjunction with our extended warranty.